Winter Is Not Summer

Winter Is Not Summer

Angel and Bush Covered In Snow

Winter is not summer, so why hold it to summertime expectations?

Why attempt to experience the same days throughout late-January as you would in late-June?

The air in the middle of winter differs from mid-July’s air. Not only because of the obvious, that winter air is colder, but the sun illuminates your town from a different angle with a milder ferocity. Can you feel it? Not to mention, there is the difference in mood and the way it moves come winter, when you look around and realize that summertime is but a memory. Haven’t you noticed the pace of things in grocery stores and at dinner tables in July versus February? Thank God for the opportunity to witness some sort of change.

The days in winter are darker for longer, and even science tells you how your circadian rhythm responds to such changes, so why would you force yourself to be on high alert well after dark if that’s not what the body wants?

You can drink your caffeine and have a midday nap, but the drooping of eyelids when the sun goes down is not a failure.

If you feel called to hit the hay earlier in late December than you would in late August, this is not an insult to the timeline that often tries to tell you to speed up when the nature of things is asking you to slow down.

Why resist when you can embrace?

Why not allow yourself to welcome nature as one of your own instead of fighting it, fists up, demanding it to be something it’s not, when it’s not?

Feeling sadness does not make one sad. It’s a temporary moment in time. Feeling blue does not permanently color one blue. It’s an experience that will pass and come again, then pass again. Why not allow it to flow through you and then move along, so you can look back and say, “I’ve felt this before, and I’ve moved on from it before, and I will again. What a ride.” Not a rollercoaster but more so a carousel or a swing.

Attempting to force the gloom away, or the gray away, doesn’t cause it to disappear unless you can control the sky, but force has a way of causing feelings to grow and engulf you, and swallow you whole.

Why not dance with winter and familiarize yourself with it? Put on your wool socks and your water-resistant boots. Wrap yourself in sweaters, scarves, and a heavy-duty coat and breathe it in. Let it chill your lungs and warm the air surrounding you as you exhale, even though it will quickly disappear. Move among the naked trees and shadows and show it and you that you’re not afraid of what it offers. Winter is here for a moment, just like everything else. (And everyone else.) Why wish away or fight away the beauty, the lessons, the new perspective?

Remember being eight years old and winter was just another time of the year? Sure, you were colder, and your lips turned blue on your way to school. You pulled your arms in from your sleeves to create body heat close to your heart and belly, but you still laughed and spent time with your friends, played and moved your body, and winter didn’t limit you. It was an opportunity to explore a new type of creativity but through an icier lens.

Where did that enthusiasm go? I’m sure it’s not so far away that you couldn’t to call it back in.

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