We Are Natural Born Leaders, Plain and Simple.

This includes you.

As we enter back into the streets, post-quarantine, we can see that the world has changed, and we have changed with it. I suppose that’s because we are not separate from the world. As we evolve as individuals, so does our world. We are all equals here, we are all leaders, and we all have the power to create change.

Often, it can feel as though our lives are absent of power. We might feel this within systems and our daily choices. Perhaps we are used to feeling as though we hand our power or control over to politicians, corporations, bosses, healthcare professionals, or any person with whom we cross paths. I am not trying to shame anyone. Many of us have learned to live this way. I want to draw attention to this illusion that we have been a part of. The illusion that tells us everyone else holds power, and we are along for the ride. In fact, we are the consumers, the healers, the voice of the people. We are all leaders on this planet, both in our communities, and our own lives. Our choices and actions hold weight, even if that doesn’t always appear to be the case.

What Do We Do and Where Do We Go From Here?

In recent months, while roaming my newly opened neighborhood, I have stumbled upon conversations that asked the question, “What do we do, and where do we go from here?” As we emerge from our cocoons and enter back into the world, it can feel overwhelming for many reasons. One of these reasons being that there is a pull to return to normalcy, yet what does that even mean?

Of course, we can return to attending concerts and restaurants, and why the hell wouldn’t we? At the same time, it feels worth mentioning that pre-covid normal could never be post-quarantine normal. Too much has changed. We have changed.

Many of us have remained in our homes and bubbles for over a year, and a lot has shifted during that time. We have watched the revealing of our broken systems and we’ve had time to sit and ponder. Some of us have discovered our deep truths and how we, too, have caused harm in this world. We have sat with ourselves, our partners, our children and learned about the deep layers of our souls. These discoveries may have taken us by surprise or startled us. They may have energized us, so we adjusted our sails, or perhaps we didn’t. Some have found new paths and passions, or rediscovered fun and play, or moved states or countries. Things have changed.

So what do we do, and where do we go from here?

How do we avoid feeling overwhelmed?

Or maybe, a better question is, how do we step into the discomfort of a new world?

If we know the world needs to change, if we want better than what we have had, but it feels overwhelming, I offer this: we get to help create change, little by little, right in our corners of the world.

The sun rises over Lake Michigan on the winter solstice

We Are All a Part of the Big Picture

No one is obligated to change the (whole) world, but we can change and affect our corners of the world if it calls to us. I find this to be an energizing perspective. Sometimes, when I feel overwhelmed by the issues of the entire globe, it causes me to feel paralyzed by the enormous need for change. When I relieve myself of this massive worry and turn it into something manageable, I can move into action and accept my place in this world.

Sometimes, (most of the time), media outlets can deliver to us so much fear and manipulation, that we are left feeling depressed, hopeless, or stagnant. However, there are people and platforms that deliver stories of truth, hope, and inspiration for something greater and expansive. These platforms can encourage us to participate and take ownership over our lives to contribute to the collective healing and consciousness.

I suppose I would encourage all of us to be mindful of the information that we are ingesting, to be mindful of who is funding this information, and how does it make us feel after consuming? How can we help ourselves along in this process we call life? How can we continue to nourish ourselves?

Change Can Be A Slow and Quiet Process

I know that at times it can feel discouraging when the change we envision doesn’t happen overnight. It can seem as if we’re going nowhere fast after having set out on our path . Sometimes, this is just the pace of things. When it feels right to do so, when we believe in something, sticking with it can result in amazing outcomes.

There are also those moments when we witness significant shifts in other people’s lives. It can feel discouraging or baffling because it seems as though it just happened out of thin air. Social media can contribute to this illusion. It can cause some of us to wonder, what the hell did they do to make that happen? Often we don’t witness the process, the journey, the ebbs and flows, which can cause us to paint an inaccurate picture of what goes into change. It can cause us to think that the “successful one” innately has something that we do not, when that is not true. We are all capable of change and success, and we get to decide and consistently show up for the change that we want.

We are Leaders in Our Own Lives, Too

Not only are we leaders in our communities and the world, but we are also leaders in our own lives. Okay, I subscribe to the belief that we are all connected, so while I change, the world changes, and vice versa, but I will attempt to separate for the sake of this post.

Many of us have never learned to take ownership of our lives. Many of us have had power taken from us at one point or another. Perhaps we have made a habit of this certain passivity. Many of us have learned to be obedient, be nice, be quiet, go along with the flow, even if it is against our values. We are doing our best to survive, and there is no shame in this and who is anyone to judge? We are all in unique places and times, and we all know, deep down, what we need to do to survive and thrive. Timing is essential, and I trust that we all know what is best. Also, for anyone looking to heal, step into their dreams, and make healthy changes, we are each in charge of our destiny.

If something is calling out, maybe there is a deep reason why. Start with a tiny step.

We Decide When it’s Time to Change

For some of us, we may be waiting around for the change to magically occur, or for someone to give us the nod of approval to begin on our journey. Friends, we do not need outside permission to change or to step into our dreams. Sometimes we are waiting for the green light from someone else. We are waiting for approval or a permission slip from another person for us to start moving. Permission from anyone but ourselves isn’t necessary. Also, the permission slip may never come, so waiting could be never-ending. It can, however, come from ourselves. We permit ourselves to move, to heal, to grow, and we’re are all the permission we need.

We Are Allowed To Follow Our Calling

As we change, as we step into our growth and healing, some thoughts may cause us to question our direction. Sometimes we may think that we are leaving people behind. We may believe that we are undeserving, or that if everyone doesn’t have the lifestyle we want, why should we have it?

Perhaps we’ve have been silenced and told to dream smaller. Maybe we have been told to be reasonable.

Whatever it is, we are leaders in this world; as we heal, grow, thrive, as we break toxic cycles, we get to be an example for ourselves and we get to follow the path that feels right to us, the path that calls to us.

Humans Inspiring Humans

As a human, I often notice when others are existing in their beauty and truth. When I see someone standing up for the right thing, speaking up for injustices, stepping in their confidence, building their dreams, I take note, even in passing. There are some ways in which I have never seen someone express themselves, so when I witness a a new kind of brilliance, I take note. Have you ever done the same? Don’t you believe that people are inspired by you too? They are.

I keep an eye out for leaders all the time, in both big and small ways, and I allow it to inspire me. I get to be a leader and a change-maker, too, and inspire others as well. It doesn’t even need to be anything as big as running for congress or starting a business. It can be something like, wearing clothes that feel expressive and true, breaking a toxic cycle, or taking a new class.

We are paving a path for those who come after us, for those who surround us, and for ourselves.

Perhaps this is a slow change, but steady nonetheless.

We are leaders.

We are helping to lead the way in our lives and our communities.

This is a reminder of our strength and brilliance. Shine on, honeys.

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