Trust the Recipients of Your Offerings

Trust The Recipients of Your Offerings

Why not trust the recipients of your offerings? Why not allow folks to take what you give: your words, stories, and art, and trust them to run, walk or sit with it however they choose, or even toss it out if that’s what feels right to them? You cannot force anyone to come with you, to see your story and perspective the way you see it, and you can’t make anyone follow your lead. Actually, you can try, and on some level, it might work, but with what energy behind it?

Do you want people to be forced into submission or into line like you were? Or do you want people to process at their own pace and make decisions on their own time from a space of empowerment and consciousness and maybe even love and curiosity? I can’t answer that for you. But I invite you to ask yourself -with honesty- how are you going about telling your story? And how do you want to go about telling your story?

I know how it feels when you’ve overcome, discovered, healed, realized something new, faced hard times, and made it to the other side of the fire. It’s monumental, divine, feels like magic on Earth, and you want to scream it from the rooftops. You want everyone to come with you to the haven you have stumbled upon or worked hard for.

And I know that feeling when you find yourself alone on the rooftop, attempting to inform the whole world of the magic that you now know, and yet few, if any, listen or move at your pace or come running up alongside you to join you on your path. I know it can cause you to want to kick and scream and drag them with you, to grab them by the arm and say, “Come on! This way! Trust me. It’s better here.”

But weren’t you dragged, too? And how did that feel?

All too often, I witness folks (I am folk, too) face a problem, a pain, or a struggle. They make their way through it, look back and in an attempt to eliminate the pain or the suffering that exists in the world, act with a similar approach as the original problem, with aggression, manipulation, coercion, or violence.

As they say, You can’t bomb your way to peace.

But sure, you can try. But how did you enjoy being bombed? I can’t speak for you, but I f***-ing hated it. I hate war on my body, mind, and health. So why would I turn around and take a similar forceful or violent approach with people?

Where are you acting the same as the problem? How are you telling your story? Desperately? Forcefully? On your knees pleading? Maybe, possibly, shoving it down someone’s throat? I know it can feel like everyone needs to know your truth, so tell them. And tell them again. And next time, say it differently and see how that feels.

Sometimes you want everyone to follow your lead because you know best, right? You’re confident they don’t know what you know, and maybe they don’t, so tell them. Share with them and fill them in on what you’ve discovered. And then let them go, and be and move how they move with their divine intentions on their glorious paths.

Listen to me when I tell you that your story is important. Everything you want to share and feel called to share; go ahead now and share it. Tell it to the world, scream it from the rooftop, and make art about it. Write it down, publish it and sell three million copies. Say it over and over as much as you want and, just like with all art, allow people to do what they want with that information.

Allow people to receive what you share. Give them time and space to digest your offerings, contemplate them, and mull them over on long walks for years to come.

Think about it: we are all looking at the world through our lens with our own experiences, histories, traumas, loves, pains and joys. We all have dreams, desires, goals, and life plans that might look like nothing anyone has seen before. Or we are doing our best to get to that place where dreaming occurs. With that in mind, are the expectations too high to assume it’ll best serve everyone to jump to your location and align perfectly with you the minute you say, “come!”

Isn’t it a blessing that we don’t all see the world in the same way?

Not everyone will move at the pace you want (Thank God)

Not everyone will act how you want them to (Thank Goodness)

But you’ll never fully know the seeds you plant along the way and how you change the world.

Mostly, you won’t see the change happening before your eyes, but you are cultivating change and planting gardens everywhere you go and share if you so choose, but you won’t always see the vastness of your blooms.

When you share your story, experiences, research, and discoveries, it’ll land with people in a million different ways. Your essence enters their senses and filters through their mind, and they get to sit with it, chew it up, swallow it, and see what it feels like in their body if and when they’re willing to tap into it.

Give them time, space and choice.

Trust the recipients of your offerings.

Wouldn’t you want someone to do the same for you.

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