Today Will Never Be Here Again (What Do You Want To Experience?)

Today will never be here again (What do you want to experience?)

Today will never be here again. I’m not an expert on time and the infinite life as a spiritual being, so maybe there is something I need to include here, but as far as I can tell, this day on Earth will never be here again.

Now, this realization can induce sadness because time here is fleeting, and wouldn’t it be nice if it could last forever? Maybe. Or, this impermanence can encourage you to see your time here as special, sacred, and something to savor rather than the chore it can sometimes become. The recognition of the temporary nature of this life can cause you to look at each day and make it into a piece of art and explore it from your temporary human perspective.

I know that this reminder of impermanence can sometimes cause panic because you might feel pressure to live every second fully while you’re here, and what if you don’t? Then what?

I don’t write this to induce sadness or panic, though any emotional response is normal, natural, and allowed. I share this as a gentle tap on the head and cleansing of the eyes to encourage moving out of the haze, away from constant scrolling, and into remembering your impermanence and possibly into a celebration of human-ness. TODAY WILL NEVER BE HERE AGAIN. (What do you want to experience while here, on this day?)

Capital letters can be startling, so let me try that again.

Today will never be here again. What would you like to experience before you go to rest?

Last week, while brushing my teeth, this feeling of great relief washed over me and the veil of seriousness lifted, and I could see life as a sweet treat and something to try on for a while. I explored this a bit in my last post, “The Human Experience (What If?).” In this post, I played around with life being something other than oh-so-serious and something to worry about and race through to the finish line, but rather something beautiful and a fantastic trip to savor and celebrate.

Now, I understand that life can get away from you. Time can pull you in, and you can run from one thing to another, and suddenly you are looking back and wondering where the years went. When I speak to people 40 years my senior, I often hear that it’s normal to wonder where the time went even if life was lived to the fullest. But, regardless, what if, to the best of your ability, you celebrate life as a human every chance you get and maybe move away from this pattern of being distracted, busy, and too serious?

In the past, before I connected to my spirituality, I never thought of myself as a spiritual being. But in recent years, I have claimed my spirituality and continue to explore what that means. One component of this exploration are the words, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Through recent years I have heard folks say that we all chose to come here. Where have I heard this? When babies tell their parents that they chose their parents from heaven when Dolores Cannon shared that we all choose our paths. Also, when my teachers casually reference this topic. I don’t know this for sure, but I’ve been playing with this idea of choosing to come here. Did I decide to come down here? Did I want to feel what it’s like to live as a human? Let’s suppose for a moment that it’s true.

If that is true, then is this a trip? Is being here on Earth as humans for this blip of time the same as going to the beach for a vacation? When you head to the beach for a getaway, don’t you make time to feel the sand beneath your toes and play in the crashing waves? Don’t you talk with new people, watch the birds fly, and explore untouched coves? While there, don’t you feel so alive and connected to your senses? Or, if the beach is not your cup of tea, imagine your dreamy vacation scenario.

So why not attempt to do the same in your “normal life,” whatever that means? Why not make each day something beautiful, exploratory, and most aligned with you? Or why not experience whatever calls to you the same way you might do on vacation?

If you chose to be here and to be human, then why not live as a human on a trip? And, even if you didn’t choose to be here, you are here, so why not explore this experience? Why not say hi to your neighbor, try new foods, celebrate because life is short? And why not swipe on your red lipstick because it lights you up? Why not experience whatever it is you want to experience today?

Sometimes, when you look at your life, from beginning to end, it can feel overwhelming to ask, “What do I want to do with my life?” If you are lucky, you have 80-ish years here. While you might know how you want to spend all of that time, you might not. So why not break it down and ask, “What do I want to experience today?” Connection? Movement? Joy? Inspiration? Sadness? Stillness? Nature? Belly laughter?

The answer to this question doesn’t have to be about accomplishing or getting something done, though it can. It can also be about a feeling or a sweet and beautiful experience. Do you want to pluck a guitar string, read a poem, or go for a jog? Maybe you want to move a piece of furniture, or look at the stars? Or perhaps you want to cry, write a love letter, make soup, or drink tea? There doesn’t have to be some great reason to do whatever calls to you other than to experience or feel.

Last night, at 8 PM, I asked myself, “What do I want to experience today?” And the answer was simple. I wanted to move my body. So I got up, took my dog for a walk then exercised in the basement. The experience of asking the question and following through with the answer was more fulfilling than I could have imagined.

You can ask this question in many different tones to induce whatever feeling you want. Right now, I want to ask it with a slow and steady breath and sparkly magic in my eyes that makes space for any response to come through.

These words are a message of impermanence and gentle curiosity. It can be uncomfortable to accept or confront that you are only here in your body for some time, but if you get honest about that, you can make the most of your sweet time with your sweet self.

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