This is an Invitation to Be Here, (Or There), Wherever You Find Yourself.

We are here for a moment. A blip in time, maybe? Perhaps we will return again with new eyes and a fresh perspective, but while we are here, we have access to newness every time we awaken, in the morning (or night, if that’s your reality.) Similarly, we have access to new eyes every time we choose. That’s why I share this reminder and invitation to be here (or there) in the moment, savoring the details, wherever you currently find yourself.

Listen, whenever we want, we have the opportunity to see the world that surrounds us with brand new eyes, like a baby or a traveler. Every day, we can see the world as though we see it for the first time, and we get to do it from our grown adult bodies, right in our homes, or wherever we happen to be.

In every moment, we can choose to slow down and get curious about the world we live in and all the tiny details that comprise everything. This includes the speckles in someone’s eyes, the colors in the sunset, the swirls in our coffee or tea, the way water moves or falls. Do you see where I am going with this?

How much can you observe? In a day, in an hour, in a minute?

Luckily, experiencing the world in this way isn’t a homework assignment or a chore but rather an invitation to a lifestyle of slowing down and enjoying this life while we are here in this form.

We are here for a moment, so why not be here for it? What I mean is fully be here, at the moment, in all the emotions, struggles, beauty, and details.

How present can you be?

This is an Invitation to Be Here, (Or There), Wherever You Find Yourself.  Lilacs on a table.
Lilacs. This is an Invitation to Be Here, (Or There), Wherever You Find Yourself.

Yes, there is beauty everywhere, and yes, there is pain, too, and I am not saying to ignore that pain. Perhaps, even the beauty encapsulates the pain. If the whole life journey is beautiful, doesn’t that include everything, including the high and the lows? Isn’t all of it worth experiencing and looking right in the eye and into the soul and saying, “hmmm?” and “I see you.”

Years ago, in a college philosophy course, my teacher asked us, “What is beauty?” We were a small class of 18 and 19 years olds. We pondered his question and then went around the classroom and shared what we believe beauty to be. My teacher listened and said, “I guess if you ask everyone what beauty is, it will eventually amount to the whole world.” I’ll remember his words forever. Everything is beautiful to someone, and that doesn’t mean you have to find it beautiful, too, but it makes you think. What am I missing here? Or How can I see this differently? Can I get a closer look? In fact, this can apply to literally anything: interactions, information, or the inside of an orange.

This here is an invitation and reminder to dive in, sit with it, mull it over, taste it, experience it, and let it run through you. Whatever “it” is at any given moment.

For example, we are presented with many opportunities to connect with those around us, deeply and intimately. How often do you look people in the eyes? Do you listen when people speak and do you use your voice to be heard, too? Now that we’re on this topic, could you use some practice in both of these departments? I sure could.

And how about sunsets? Do you make time to watch them like they’re your favorite movie, with all of your attention in its direction? Do you cheer when the show is over before you turn around to walk home? Why is it that so many of us reserve a good sunset viewing for weekends or vacations when in reality, they are available to us every day?

Do you feel the earth beneath you? In this moment, it is holding you. Let it. What does that feel like?

How about the trees, the flowers, the bees, and even the flies? Do you marvel at them? (Yes, even the flies, those pesky little buzzing creatures that vibrate in my ear, I swear to God.)

Have you noticed the way people move their hips when they walk? Or the way someone tilts their head back when they laugh? Everything is a part of this ride here, all of it.

Often, we reserve this way of seeing the world for the weekend or days off or vacations, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Why would we want to live in such a way that we reserve this kind of presence for a small fraction of our lives? I know that it’s easy to prioritize the overly serious and avoid the magical presence, but there is always a chance to begin anew with fresh, curious eyes.

You’re here, in the now, on all days of the week, and all the moments that get overlooked. Why not attempt to sink into them and enjoy the ride in a deep and present way?

So, I am curious: What patterns do you see in nature? In your home? In your workspace?

What do the lines in the bark of a tree look like to you?

What’s it like to experience the belly laughter of your niece (or nephew)?

Have you taken a swim and felt the water surrounding you? How about making time for this on a “regular” day, whatever that means? Mid-day. After or before work.

Travel while you’re here. Do it in your hometown.

Stretch time—experience all the moments, listen to the words and feel the vibrations.

Get angry, sad, happy. You are here for a moment—a blip. Maybe you will come again but for now, in this life, be here for it.

Try it out. Savor your coffee. If you add milk, watch the white swirl into the black.

When you floss, feel the tiny massage between each tooth.

Right now, where do you have to be aside from exactly where you are? What’s the rush? You’ll get there, or maybe you’re already there. 😉

This is an Invitation to Be Here, (Or There), Wherever You Find Yourself. Sunset over a field
Another Sunset. This is an Invitation to Be Here, (Or There), Wherever You Find Yourself.

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