The Human Experience (What If?)

The Human Experience (What if?)

What if you are here, on earth, in your human body, to experience all that comes with being a human? And what if it’s as simple as that? What if it’s as simple as stepping into the wind, rain, or sunshine, feeling the sensations of the elements? What if it’s as simple as being here to experience curling up on someone’s lap and sharing each other’s warmth? Or waking up before sunrise to experience the darkest time of the night?

What if there is no winning or losing, falling behind or stepping ahead? What if your time here is an ever-expansive web of expression and exploration of life on earth as you weave your threads into the fabric of history? And what if every life interlaces its stories and creations, and what if it all belongs?

What if you are here to feel everything that comes with living on this planet: Sadness and joy, the worst and best of people, navigating obstacles and deep seas and traffic cones? What if you’re here to build a home, a family, a bridge?

And what if you’re here to experience all the emotions that come with living in a human body? And all you have to do is feel those vibrations, allowing them to move through you like a song? This includes the love and hate, joy and sorrow, jealousy and adoration, and the inner calm that comes when witnessing quiet miracles in nature.

What if you’re here to fall in love and experience heartbreak, persevere through the storm, and then rise with the growth that comes when the clouds part and the sun appears?

What if you are here to experience all ends of the spectrum? Weakness and strength, day and night, deep sleep with vivid dreams. Grogginess, fatigue, and energized mornings where you jump out of bed excited for all that’s to come? What if you are here to reside in your body, with a brain, a heart, and a breath, using them as best you can?

And what if you’re here to watch life grow and blossom and then eventually die and to grieve all that once was. To shed layers, to miss, to yearn, to inspire.

What if you’re here to try and fail, then try again?

Or to crave the sun, then bask in its rays?

Or to give to others and remind people of our connection and abundance here? To show up, like an angel, out of the blue, offering your wisdom to those who need it most.

What if you’re here to move your body and to draw lines with your limbs?

Or to get creative and try new things, and use your senses because you can? To sniff, taste, and listen because this body is yours for a time, so why not use it?

What if you’re here to climb: mountains, jungle gyms, and ladders up to the roof to see a different perspective?

Or to move forward, then backward, then off to the side, to know what all directions can offer?

What if you’re here to remember your ancestors through this lens and from this place?

And what If you’re here to feel the waves rush over you with nowhere to be but cleansed by this salty movement?

What if you’re here to get intimate with every inch of your body and another person’s body, exploring the mountains, valleys, and rhythms?

Or to watch sunsets and hailstorms and the moving of clouds?

Or to connect with life around you: the trees, the people, the blades of grass, and to notice the differences and similarities and lines that connect everything and everyone?

What if you’re here to experience watching cuts heal, scabs form, and new skin fill in the wound like magic?

Or To step outside, feel the world buzzing, and offer it your 2 cents?

What if you’re here to make art and share it and watch people tilt their heads as they observe what you’ve created, wondering what was meant by the red stroke across the canvas?

Or what if you’re here to be here, on this trip, for a lifetime, however long or short?

To be here for all days, even the ones you call ugly, even the ones you call beautiful. (and all days in between.)

What if being here is an opportunity to explore the depths of your soul and all that moves you in this environment? Like song or dance, or four-leaf clovers? Big Foot, or killer whales?

While we’re at it, what if you’re perfect the way you are? And what if nothing needs fixing or changing but could benefit from more of you shining through into expression?

And what if everything you have done in this lifetime has all been perfect? What if that’s why you’re here? To figure out how to be a human and love here, thrive here, and receive here?

What if the world is a stage, and we all wake up and put on our costumes to head outside, play our parts, share our gifts, and shine bright?

What if this is all a game? The game of life where you make your way through forests and under bridges and into fields of sunflowers to use your senses, feel it all, and find your way into conscious abundance? And what if you are here to play until the end, whenever that may be?

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