Spend Time in The Presence of Blossoming Trees

Spring is here, and has been for a little over a month now, and at the same time, it feels like it can’t come soon enough. Do you feel that?

According to the 30-something years I have spent in the midwest United States, I know that spring can be gray and cold. It can consist of rain, sunshine, snow, and sometimes sleet, too. Still, when late April rolls around and it’s not suddenly warm enough (according to what standard?) I know that some of us can become eager.

When it’s April, and I look into the distance at the tree lines, it appears that it’s composed of bare trees that remain in their winter slumber. However, when I get up close, I see that the same trees are dripping with spring, growth, and rebirth.

With their little buds, they glow and gently light up the sky that surrounds them.

Buds are appearing, flowers are blooming, and spring is here, honey. It just takes time to unfurl, just like you and me. It starts small and slow, but it’s happening. As you know, winter can be harsh, and many of us need a minute to adjust to the bright days.

Look around, budding trees are everywhere. Does it feel invigorating to you, too, when you spend time with them? Even if it’s just for a moment?

the top of a blossoming tree
Spend time in the presence of blossoming trees

If you feel that spring isn’t coming with enough enthusiasm in your environment and in yourself, I recommend spending time with some blossoming trees. Sit with them, walk alongside them, stand underneath them and look up. Do whatever calls to you. Connect with them and notice that things move at their natural pace, but they are moving. Some may call it slow, but what if it’s just right?

What if your pace is just right?

Maybe spending time with trees in all seasons and stages can teach us a lot and even help us to feel well.

What if it can help us to learn patience for the trees, the rhythms, and ourselves.

Maybe it can show us that when we get up close and pay attention, we can begin to see the slow but steady growth occurring. It just might take a slight shift of perspective.

The natural world is a mirror, and it shows us where it is and where we are at, just in case we have forgotten. Observe a trees state of being and observe yours along with it. Do you see that we are walking similar lines? Does noticing that a tree is awakening remind you that you are, too? Does it give you energy? What about acceptance? What else does it show you?

When it feels like we have remained nestled indoors for far too long, maybe spend some time with a blossoming tree. Even if it’s cold, head out there, bundle up and see the natural world poking its head out of its cocooned winter state, and remember that you are doing much of the same, slowly but surely.

woman with newly budding trees
Spend time in the presence of blossoming trees!

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