One Amazing Way to Strengthen Confidence: Travel

Do you want to strengthen your confidence? There are many ways to go about this, and one avenue is through travel. Travel can show us to ourselves, our beautiful self, and reveal to us who we are and what we want. Travel can show us that we are capable of doing hard things and that we can learn along the way. It can teach us to trust our intuition, choices and to enjoy our presence. I want to share a perspective on travel that can fit into one’s daily life and how it can lead to increased self-confidence. Travel can teach us many lessons that we can carry with us as we move forward. Trying new things, seeing new places and spaces can support us in developing and stepping into our confidence here and now.

What is Confidence?

First of all, what is confidence? According to my trusty pocket dictionary by Random House, confidence is full trust, reliance, self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-assurance. Sounds good, right?

Why Is Confidence Important?

Confidence is valuable because it can help us participate in this world, to step into this world. It can help us stand taller, trust ourselves and follow our dreams and all of the paths that call to us. Confidence reminds us that we can do hard things, new things, and step into the unknown because we trust ourselves and have our backs. Feeling confident can help us to live the lives we desire. Many of us want to participate in this world and engage with what surrounds us. Confidence can help us to do so.

We don’t need to be confident all of the time, but if we can help ourselves to rise and step into our confidence, why wouldn’t we? Why wouldn’t we make our lives easier and give ourselves the boost that can help us live fully, with joy, ease, all while standing tall with our head to the sun. When we nourish our confidence, we nourish ourselves and our past and future selves. Why not stand taller and with self-assurance?

a motorcycle and its rearview lights at dusk as seen from the car window
Motorcyclist on a dirt road about to cross a stream of water

What is Travel?

According to my Random House Webster’s Dictionary, yet again, travel is defined as follows: to go from one place to another; to pass or be transmitted by light; to journey or pass through or over; the act of traveling esp. to distant places.

In What Ways Can We View Travel?

Often we consider ourselves travelers once we have traveled to countries foreign to our own, but let me offer a new perspective. Traveling is a state of mind, and it is a lifestyle and practice that we can include in our daily lives if we so choose. We can travel within our town, neighborhood, country, community, mind, and body, too.

Imagine a distant land as something or anything that is distant to you. This can be a place, a conversation, an understanding (of self). Your ideas of “distant” can shift with how you are feeling. If you find yourself stuck in bed for a while, perhaps something distant to you is the market up the street. Why not consider traveling to the market? If you go to the same market all of the time, perhaps traveling will look like shopping at a market that is new to you.

If you haven’t been on a date for a while, perhaps you can make plans to travel and set up a date with an old or new friend or a potential partner. You can travel within this connection, with another human being. See where it can take you.

And of course, you could travel by purchasing a bus, train or plane ticket and take off to other lands.

It’s all a matter of perspective. We all find ourselves in different places with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Because of this, traveling for you can look entirely different than it will look for me.

Often, when we travel, it stimulates our curiosity, and we see the world with new eyes. How can we bring this practice of travel into our daily lifestyle? When we travel, we step outside of our consistent moves and adapt to the new-ness that is in front of us. Travel can show us the world again and how we relate to it.

Why is it Essential to Develop Confidence?

When we develop confidence, we can build trust in ourselves. This can lead us to show up in this world, to participate, and know that we can do so. Confidence can help us to feel as though we belong. In the process of living, traveling, and developing self-confidence, we build self-trust, we get to know ourselves, we learn our inner workings, we learn to have our own backs, and we see that we can do the things that call to us.

Yes, Traveling Can Be Challenging

Traveling is not always easy. While full of exciting new sights, conversations, and opportunities, there will be unknowns and challenging moments. Sometimes we may feel fear bubble over just as we are heading out on a new adventure, or maybe earlier in the planning process. For some of us, fear can keep us from pursuing what we desire.

But when we choose to travel, try new things, and take it one step at a time, we can find ourselves learning about ourselves. We will maneuver the path out as we go and discover how we tick. This self-discovery and exploration can lead us to trust ourselves or figure out what will help us trust ourselves. We will see clear-cut evidence that we can head into a new situation and make it out to tell the tale. We are given moments to grow.

an outdoor dinner setting
An outdoor restaurant in Playa Del Coco, Costa Rica

Travel Can Be Whatever You Choose

Travel can be anything. You can look at travel as going on a date, going to a (new) restaurant, a (new) park, or a museum. Travel can be meeting up with a friend, taking a class, heading somewhere new in your town, talking with someone, asking a hard question, being vulnerable. It can be meditating, praying, doing yoga. It can, of course, be heading to a new city, state, country. We can learn from all of these experiences. We can put these lessons in our back pocket and remember where we have been, what we discovered, and that we were alive and showing up. See! we did it, and we can do it again.

There is No Need to Compare Your Travels to Others

We are all in different places and want different things in life, so travel does not need to look like it does for anyone else. There is no need to compare your travels to someone else. If travel can mean heading to a distant place, then “distant” can mean somewhere deep in the soul, on the other side of town, or the arrival at a depth of a good conversation between friends.

Travel can bring us to completely unique and special places. We get to savor the gift that we are experiencing even if it’s never been done just like this before.

Start Traveling, Keep Traveling and See Your Confidence Grow

We learn so much from all kinds of experiences. When we go to distant places, we will discover new parts of ourselves. We may find fear, humor, worries, confusion, stuck emotions, insecurities, adaptability, joy, beauty, anything. Anything can be found. In the unknown, we will discover ourselves. If we travel so that we will be safe and well, we will see that we can make it to the unknown and back again. Even if the experience doesn’t pan out how we expected, these experiences are opportunities to develop self-trust, self-assurance, confidence.

Do the thing and see that you can do the thing!

How can travel help with this?

When we travel, we can learn how to adapt to the world. We will find ourselves in unknown places, and we will learn to figure it out as we go.

Take it one step at a time, and you will see that you can make it work, that you can make it through. And who knows, maybe it will help you to stand taller and trust yourself and all of your brilliance.

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