Moon Letter

Moon Letter
Moon Letter

August 29, 2022

Hello Friend,

How are you? I’m writing to you from a cloudy Monday morning in western Michigan. It’s almost autumn in the midwest United States, and I’m pretty pleased about this transition of seasons. I find this time of year to be inspiring and full of energy. How about you?

I wonder if the inspiration comes from the weather as it starts to cool a bit, which offers me some relief from the heat. Or maybe it’s because there is back-to-school energy in the air, and it’s time to get organized and pull some things together after the high of summer? Or is it the colors of the trees and the cozy foods we are about to eat? There’s so much to look forward to, and it’s good to be here now. After all this time, I need reminders to get into the moment, be in the present, and not get too ahead of myself. I know I’m not the only one who can drift to the future or the past and forget about this moment right here. It’s an ongoing practice, yeah? How do you manage to stay or return to the present moments?

I’m writing this letter because I want to connect with you in letter format. I do this because It’s one of the easiest ways for me to access my heart, which feels both necessary and fulfilling. Also, writing (or typing) letters have proven to be one of my favorite ways to communicate through the years. So here we are! I hope you’re well and taking care of your sweet self. I will try and do the same, and we will meet in the middle and see what we’ve discovered. Yeah? Letters also bring out a part of me that I struggle to communicate face-to-face but feel deeply. What has happened to the art of letter writing? Are people out here still writing letters? How old am I?

I’m writing at this time, on August 29, because I intend to connect more to the moon. And how does that apply to this moment? Well, the new moon was on Saturday, and I didn’t miss it, but I didn’t write about it until now. I figure that’s okay because, as they say, better late than never, and I’ve heard some folks say the new moon energy is still around. So am I late or perfectly on time? Ha! That’s a classic move of an optimistic late person, to find every loophole to prove that she isn’t really late. “Aren’t we always on time?” They say. “They” being other late people and me.

I don’t know much about the moon other than it’s beautiful and looks like God’s toenail flying across the sky when it’s in its tiny crescent phase. Also, the moon affects the tides, though I don’t know how and have yet to verify this. And last but not least, when the moon is in the new moon phase, it isn’t illuminating any sunlight to us on earth, so it appears dark in the sky. I’ve heard that when the moon is unilluminated to earth and the night sky is dark because of it, this is a solid time to look inward, introspect, and set intentions.

I don’t always connect to the moon’s phases, but when I do, I feel grounded and connected to nature, the world surrounding me, and my life. When I take even a second to look up and notice the moon, I feel peaceful and happy even? It’s not often I say that I am happy, but I guess the moon is powerful like that. Are you connected to the moon? Do you celebrate it? Do you notice it at all? I’m sure some people get by just fine paying it no attention, but I enjoy the days when I feel more alive and connected, and apparently, the moon helps me to do that. And for those reasons, letters attached to the moon as it waxes and wanes have been born, and that’s what I am doing here: writing letters in flow with the moon. Moon letters.

The thought of using the moon as a guide for writing letters and connecting to the universe and you lights me up, so I’m going to go with it. Maybe something will be learned along the way. Perhaps peace will be found. Maybe happiness? Maybe something else. Perhaps all we’ll find is that when You look up at the moon, and I look up at the moon, we remember that we are looking at the same moon?! That’s romantic, isn’t it? I swear, writing letters brings out a certain side of me that is something else.

Anyway. I love you. Thanks for being here. Feel free to share any moon facts or rituals you are participating in or intentions you are setting.

Wherever you are, take care. XOXO


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