Moon Letter VI

November 8, 2022

Dear Friend,

Happy Full Moon. How are you feeling? Do you feel any emotional shifts with the moon’s phases? I am asking for a friend, and that friend is me.

Over the past few days I was ready to boil over from all the rising emotions. It wasn’t anything wrong, but it did feel like an amplification of my body’s vibrations and a building of tension. Everything was feeling heightened. Did I feel this way partly because of the moon? This newfound connection to moon can cause a gal to wonder.

Yesterday, as I was feeling all I was feeling and preparing for this letter, I was asking myself, “what am I doing here writing these letters with the new and full moon?” More specifically, I was wondering what is the whole point of this? Then, I considered making this my last letter. In that moment, it felt like the miniest of chapters was through.

After some reflection, and wavering back and forth, I felt like I may only be getting started on this journey of connecting more deeply to the world surrounding me, and the moon is part of that.

Since beginning these letters, I have already noticed some positive shifts that came through the simple observation of the moon and the tender act of checking in with myself every two weeks. Of course, I check in with myself daily, but there are different ways of doing so. Checking in with the moon feels like checking in with the bigger picture and the passing of time as the world experiences it. Or maybe it’s all the same thing, but I have yet to merge them all together.It feels like something I haven’t quite put my finger on.

Also, some observations made throughout this journey have helped me better understand living In this world as me. I’ve noticed the rising emotions and intensity as the full moon draws nearer. Is it all in my head? Am I conditioning myself to feel this way? Or am I drawing a new awareness of a pattern I’ve observed?

This awareness has already helped me make valuable shifts in my life. For instance, last night, I decided to do something with these emotions, so I found a full moon yoga class and moved in this way for the first time in a while. The practice was 30 minutes, and it was nice and slow. It helped me to release some of that built-up tension, open my hips, and connect to gratitude and the moon. At the end of the class, as we were winding down, Kassandra, the yoga instructor said, “Often we think of nature as something outside of ourselves, but we are nature‚ĶThese cycles are our cycles.”

These words were the reminder and reinforcement that I was looking for. Of course, I know we are nature, but hearing it from someone else is different. To be reminded when it’s all too easy to forget while moving about this fast-paced world lets me know that this journey is not yet over and that I have deeper to go.

And those words helped me to decide that it’s not time to end these letters or this deepening of connection to the moon. It’s paying off, and I’m learning from it in ways I can and can’t yet name, so I will see where else it can go. I guess I really have only just begun.

What do you think? Thanks for being here.

All my love,

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