Moon Letter III

Moon Letter III

(a photo of my family that feels Moon River-esque)
Moon Letter III (A photo of my family that feels Moon River-esque)

September 27, 2022

Dear Friend,

I’m writing from the new moon plus a couple of days. How are you? Have you checked in with the moon? How about you? Have you checked in with yourself? Are you setting intentions? I’ve been moving a little too fast over here, or maybe I’ve been filling up my time with a few too many activities, but I’m grateful to the moon and its phases for reminding me to be reflective and slow it down for even a minute.

I do see the moon letters benefiting me and my whole self: mind, body, and soul, and of course, it radiates out from me and into the world. So, thank you, moon, for all you do. Setting the intention to be deliberate with celebrating the moon or life in relation to the moon’s rhythm every two weeks has brought a new awareness to my days and lifestyle. Yes, I meditate, journal, and move my body, too, but there’s something about looking outward and connecting to the floating rock that moves in our orbit that brings me peace and manages to stretch out time and remind me of something‚Ķ

I’ll keep reflecting on what exactly this is, and I’ll get back to you.

In the meantime, catch me driving around town singing Moon River at the top of my lungs and wondering if this moon celebration inspired that particular singalong or if it was something else.

What’s your favorite song that includes the moon?

I hope you’re well.

Love you!!



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