Moon Letter V

moon letter V

Hello Dear Friend,

The new moon has come again. The cycle continues on and on. I know that sometimes repetition can seem boring, but there’s a magic that comes through in cycles. The moon can offer itself as an anchor that helps us to track patterns in ourselves, nature, and the world. We can check in with the phases, know where we’re at in the cycle, and see how things feel in relation to it or otherwise. We get to observe ourselves every month and watch patterns emerge, then do what we want with what we discover.

I know it seems elementary, but I’m not the only one who could use a reminder to tap into the natural rhythm of things. After so many years moving at a pace that didn’t entirely suit me, it is taking some practice to fall into sync with this beat that feels most aligned.

Isn’t it nice to have something so dependable? Isn’t it funny that the moon can be one of those things? How are you feeling these days?

I feel new again and again, not just with each passing day but sometimes by the hour. There’s so much to learn, release, and explore; with every shift, I am new again.

It was dark last night, which makes sense because the moon is not illuminating its sweet self to us on Earth at this time, but I’m still surprised by how much of a difference the moon can make in the night sky. It makes sense that now can be a good time to set intentions. It’s dark, sleepy, cozy, and the perfect time to look inward. What intentions are you setting right now?

I intend to be moved by my heart and connect more with people. It’d be ideal if I could be patient and an excellent listener while connecting with said people, but that’s another thing that takes practice. I’m doing my best.

Isn’t it strange to think that we’re all in this together? There is a thread that connects all of us, and I imagine that if everyone shared an intention on this night, many would be more similar than different. Hm.

That’s all for now—a few thoughts on this October new moon. Wherever you are, take care of yourself. May we all have something to be hopeful for.



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