Moon Letter II

Moon Letter II
Moon Letter II: Moon and Sun Candle Aflame
Moon Letter II

September 10, 2022

Dear Friend,

It’s me again and less than two weeks since the last moon letter. Time keeps moving, doesn’t it? We’ve already arrived at the full moon, but what brings me peace is taking even a little time to connect to it, look up at it and acknowledge it. I know I said this before but making time for the moon helps me to ground and feel at ease. When it feels like time is chugging along too quickly, the full moon arrives and presents a clear opportunity to pause, look up, and marvel, sinking into the present moment. I know every moment is a chance to marvel and be present, but the moon is somewhat of an anchor in my life for these ongoing lessons of presence and appreciation.

Interestingly enough, I started my period on this full moon. Is that TMI? I doubt it. For the past year, the first day of my period always occurred on the new moon, but my body is shifting things around a bit, and I believe it’s to help me develop a new awareness. I’m not exactly sure what that is, but I’m along for this ride, and I’m certain I’ll discover something beautiful.

As mentioned in my last letter, the new moon is often a time when folks get introspective and set intentions. I’ve heard that the full moon is a time to release and let go of that which is no longer serving you. Funnily enough, beginning my period is also a time to release. I am shedding actual physical matter and old energy, presenting me with an opportunity to move forward a little lighter and a little rebirthed.

I’m no master of the moon or cycles, but I am observant, and this feels like alignment to me. After all, I am a woman with a cycle, and I’ve lived in clear sight of the moon for the entirety of my life, so whether I am conscious of it or not, there is wisdom that comes with all that. However, recently, I decided that I would like to turn this wisdom and connection to my cycle and the moon into something more conscious and celebratory. Moon letters are helping me to do so. Looking at the moon and observing and connecting to my body is also helping me to do so. I can become aware of the moon and my cycle separately and together and see what I discover. Pretty simple, yeah? We’ll see where it goes.

Does your period align with the new or full moon with any consistency? Does it mean anything to you?

When it comes to my body and nature (and the universe), I like to get curious, make little observations, and see if it adds up to anything or piques my interest. This route of observing and getting curious is where I begin with my body and nature. I look and feel around, make mental notes, and sometimes physical notes, too. I repeat this approach more often than I could ever say. Eventually, patterns and wisdom emerge, and it’s a fascinating and insightful process if you ask me.

Anyway, how do you celebrate the full moon? I think I’ll celebrate by gawking at it, writing and sharing this letter, of course, and maybe going for a night walk with my dog. Life is strange and pretty miraculous, isn’t it?

Happy Full Moon to you. Wherever you are, take care.


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