Health and Healing Through Making Fire Cider and Taking Time


  1. Ingredients

    1/4 cup Turmeric
    1/4 cup Horseradish
    1/4 cup Ginger
    1/4 cup Garlic
    1/2 cup onion
    1 Tblspn Peppercorns
    1 Habanero Pepper
    Handful of Parsley
    A few sprigs of rosemary and oregano
    Apple Cider Vinegar

    These are not strict measurements. Use what you have and use what feels right to you. Add or omit at your leisure.

  2. Thoroughly wash and chop (or grate) all ingredients

    Simple as that.

  3. Fill (clean) jar with ingredients

    I choose to use a quart sized mason jar, but whatever you have will work.

  4. Fill remainder of jar with apple cider vinegar

    Be sure to completely cover all ingredients.

  5. Cover mouth of jar with parchment or wax paper

    This will prevent the apple cider vinegar from corroding the lid.

  6. Seal and Store

    Tightly seal the jar and store in a cool dark place for 4-6 weeks. Feel free to shorten or lengthen this amount of time. Give the cider a taste and see how you enjoy the flavor. Agitate jar whenever you remember.

  7. Strain!

    Use a cheese cloth or strainer and press or squeeze all liquid from the solid ingredients.

  8. Store Fire Cider

    Store fire cider in a cool dry place or in the fridge.

Some folks enjoy adding honey to their completed batch. I prefer to drink it straight. Take a shot or add a spoonful to some hot water whenever you need to be warmed up or you’re feeling under the weather. Cook with it! Add it to dressings! Do what you please. Enjoy the process and the warmth.

For deeper exploration into the world of herbal healing, check out The Gift of Healing Herbs

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