(Happy Full) Moon Letter IV

Happy full moon letter IV

October 10, 2022

Dear Friend,

How are you feeling today? You can answer honestly. Any emotion you share will be safe with me. It’s the full moon again, or it was last night. I guess we are still in it, though. Do you feel different because of the full moon? Are emotions heightened? Are they rising until you can’t take it anymore and finally offer yourself a big release and let it all flow away?
I might be feeling that heightened tension, or maybe I ate too many donuts, and my body is uncomfortable from the sugar. Perhaps I ate too many donuts because of the full moon? Would it be too immature to blame the full moon for my sugar consumption?

It’s the full moon in October, and does that hold a great significance because it’s the season to feel spooky and festive? If this month were a play, a full moon would be hanging on the backdrop. Someone who works in props would be sure to include it. The whole world is a stage, though, right? Damn. Who is in charge of props here?

Last night, at 10 PM, I took Orion (my dog) out for a little stroll and noticed it was bright outside. I know that seems obvious because there was a full moon in the sky, but it did not feel obvious to me. I’ve been living in the country for about six months, and perhaps that is ample time to notice the glow of a full moon. But let me say that I am usually inside when it’s dark, partly because I am working through my fear of the darkness, plus this gal gets sleepy when the sun goes down. Thank you, circadian rhythm. Also, after a decade in the city where streetlights can drown out the moonlight, it’s taken some practice to pay attention to the moon again.

But the observation was satisfying.

Getting back to nature is a process, and while it’s a simple process, it can be subtly shocking. For instance, the things I noticed as a child, like the moonlight, are being observed again through an adult lens, and these sweet moments of noticing take me by surprise.

I know there is wisdom that comes from observing, both through the act of slowing down and taking notes and through the patterns that will eventually emerge. I know this because I have lived it. Taking even a second to observe our surroundings can ground us, familiarize us with our world, and help us to discover some patterns. Maybe not any patterns we are looking for or have even considered, but they will emerge. Maybe nothing groundbreaking but maybe! I don’t know what will come from noticing that it’s so dang bright outside when the full moon is present and that it makes me feel intrigued and inspired, but I don’t have to know. It’s easy to want to tag a significant meaning on everything, but it isn’t entirely necessary.

I see, I observe, and I notice. I make a tiny mental note that I may remember or forget until I remember again or not. Simple. What will emerge? Time will tell. In the meantime, it sure is beautiful.

Am I losing myself in full-moon talk? As they say, “writing reveals what is alive in you.”

All of this is living in me. What’s alive in you ??

I love you so much.


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