Delight Part II

Delight Part II

I created this post simply because I felt like it and because I wanted to show you how easy it is to find delight.

It can require a little looking and feeling around, but there it is. Right there. Next to you and within you.

Whenever you’re in need or in want of some delight, some pleasure, some pick-me-ups and dreaminess, the universe is offering it to you. Can you see it?

You can head Here—–> !!! ←To find Delight Part I and read a little explanation of this fun treasure hunt that you can go on anywhere, anytime.

For now, for me, on this day, delight looks like the following:

-new music to groove to
-when a joke lands just right
-a full tank of gas
-steamy daydreams
-new memories with loved ones
-cherry tree bark
-the color cerulean
-new music to groove to
-funny memories of grandma
-red lipstick
-full moons
-candlelight – morning, noon, + night
-(finally) letting go
-nowhere to be
-falling asleep when my head hits the pillow
-meeting someone IRL (in real life) who I first met in a dream
-work boots
-a clean house
-hot tea
-(a very good and easy bowel movement)

How about you?

Where are you finding delight?

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