A New Year, and Same, Consistent, Beautiful You

Dearest Human,

Happy New Year. You are still here, moving along in the beautiful way that you do. The way that only you can. Can we take a moment to appreciate that?

I know the new year can bring up many different feelings for folks. Do you feel this? It can cause someone to wonder what the hell is going on? It can feel like an arbitrary beginning and end that stirs up feelings of worry and inadequacy, and for what purpose? This time of year can feel like pressure to start anew, make significant changes, and set gigantic goals. You can find yourself sitting there, bombarded with commercials and advertisements that attempt to sell happiness and health just because it’s January 1. It can feel like an attack.

Having said that, is now an ok time to tell you that I enjoy this time of year? Can I offer a perspective away from the pressure? The new year can be a time to gather with other humans to celebrate life and being here on this planet, in this specific time. It can be an opportunity to ground and get intentional. I don’t need to tell you that it’s so easy for life to move quickly and for time to get away from us. Why not take advantage of moments that reminds us to be present? It’s a holiday that can be used for setting intentions, connecting with life and choices, and adjusting the sails as needed. It can act as a reminder to keep going.

Just like any other day, yeah?

It’s a new beginning, just like any other month, week, day, hour, minute. I see how this perspective can cause the brain to spiral or feel pressured in a whole new and constant way. However, I intend for this to show that every moment is an opportunity to ask yourself, “How do I want to live?”

“How do I want to feel?”

“How do I want to be?”

And why not celebrate the process? This celebration can look like anything that aligns with you. You can celebrate with dancing, a bath, and dinner for two or twenty or one. You can bring in the next moment with rollerblading, reading a book, or writing in your journal. Or, you can sit quietly in prayer, in breath, in play, in community, and marvel at all of this.

A new year does not have to feel like pressure. Instead, it can feel like an opportunity, just like any other moment. Things can change so quickly. I know it can feel scary to accept this, but it can also help light a fire, and you can sit in the glow, and remember that this can be a gift, and you have yet another chance and choice.

Same as this moment, and this moment and this moment.

Cheers to you.

Thank you for being here. For continuing. For trying again.

You are loved.


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