A Little Note For Those Who Are Contemplating Change

Dear Reader,

Dear, you.

It’s a miraculous time to be alive on Earth.

The whole world is changing, evolving, and in many ways, waking up.

Is that how you’re seeing it, too?

I know; it can feel like a lot. There is so much to digest, adapt to, and process. This shift can be overwhelming, and the changes can leave us devastated. We may even need to grieve the loss of the life we once knew.

Change isn’t always easy, though it is natural and constant. Have you heard of growing pains? Growing pains don’t have to apply exclusively to the experience of a young person going through a physical growth spurt. We can experience growing pains any time we grow and evolve: emotionally, spiritually, mentally, too, and at any age.

As humans, sometimes, we cling to relationships, behaviors, and ways of life that no longer serve us, perhaps even bring us down. Maybe we hold on tight because they are familiar, because they appear to be safe, or because leaving behind the old ways would mean stepping into the unknown. It could mean too many unknowns to count.

We may ask ourselves, “Why in the world would I walk in a new direction, full of obstacles and new people, places, and things, when I know what to expect when I stay right here?”

A valid question, indeed.

Fear is normal and natural. The unknown can feel frightening. It can also feel exciting, no?

But why the heck would we want to shake things up?

The unknown can hold potential, possibilities, regeneration.

It could also offer us room to expand, breathe, heal.

If there is a voice inside of you telling you to step into the unknown, head in a new direction, whether 1 or 180 degrees, maybe it is time to explore that guidance? Perhaps it is time to look into a change and evolution.

Even giving up lifestyles that weigh us down or tear up apart can feel like a loss. Our whole story is a part of us: even the pain and heartache, even joy and celebrations. We have spent time in this corner of the world, expressing our bones in this particular way. There is a home here, and we can honor that.

Evolving, shifting, changing, letting go, releasing doesn’t have to mean you’ve forgotten or even spit on the past version of yourself. It can simply mean that it is time to move on or try something new. It can mean wanting to see how tall you can stand, how much you can expand, how close you can get to the sky and the stars. It can mean wanting to wake up without a hangover. It can mean wanting to feel confident. It can mean wanting to feel new pleasures. It can mean whatever you want it to mean.

We can celebrate all versions of ourselves: past, present, and future. Maybe if we understand this, it will help us to move in the direction of health and wholeness?

It can be like traveling to a new part of you.

It’s ok to grieve, take your time, and find the support you need.

Just know, you are deserving of your dreams, of health, of wealth, of joy, of peace.

We all are.

Take one step at a time. There is no need to rush. You’re where you’re meant to be.


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