14 Ways To Support Yourself As You Travel

Traveling isn’t always easy, even for those who enjoy venturing into the world. While you can feel enthusiastic about seeing more of this planet, travel can sometimes be a tiring, challenging, and for some, scary endeavor. Luckily, there are many ways to support yourself as you head out into the world. Below is a list of fourteen ways to offer yourself support, bring yourself comfort and ease when you leave your home or comfort zone. You get to have your back and support yourself as you move about this planet. And why not make the process as easy as possible?

As mentioned in my previous post, travel can be anything you want. It’s just a matter of perspective. Travel can mean flying to another continent, country, or state. It can also mean a bus ride to the other side of your town for a museum visit, or quite possibly, it means a trip to the corner store. Travel is a state of mind. Wherever you’re at, be there. Soak it up and enjoy the travel in your daily life. Make it an adventure. Get curious. And, of course, look out for yourself along the way. 

As always, use your discretion. You get to decide what feels good and what does not. Continue to check in with yourself and ask yourself what you need. 

1. Start Small

Is this one self-explanatory? Start with a small step. You don’t have to make leaps and bounds right off the bat. If leaps and bounds are what you want, it’s worth mentioning that they are composed of small consistent steps. Start where you are and go from there. Baby steps, honey. 

2. Ground Yourself

What is Grounding? Head to this link to learn more about grounding and how to go about feeling grounded. When you feel grounded, you can contribute to a feeling of security no matter where you are. Feeling grounded can help with travel because it can help to take you out of your head and into your body. When you do this, you can feel rooted where you are. Feeling rooted and secure can bring you into the present moment, where you can see your reality with clarity and calmness. 

3. Bring Comfort Items

You can carry along any item that brings you comfort. Whether traveling for an hour, a day, a week, or a month, bring along something(s) that helps you feel cozy, comforted, and at peace. This can be a stone, music, a journal, a snack, a poem in your pocket. You are allowed to make your travels as easy as possible. You can have the comforts of home and security even when you are miles away. 

4. Create A Plan (If That Helps You)

Are you a planner? Do you want a plan or a schedule to let you know that you are on track? Then do it. Go for it. Learn the bus schedule. The shop schedules. Decide where you want to be and when. Make a plan and stick to it if that helps you feel at peace and taken care of. Have a number to call if you might want support. Learn the locations of the grocery stores and bathrooms. Whatever information you need to feel prepared, go ahead and gather it. 

a path in the woods
A path in the woods

5. Travel Imperfectly

Nothing and no one is perfect, honey. Plans fall to crap all the time. Your trip doesn’t have to go exactly how you had hoped, and frankly, probably, something won’t go as planned. It’s ok. Make space for the imperfections, the slip-ups, the beautiful flaws. Allow yourself to make mistakes, make it up as you go, go with the flow to the best of your ability. That’s life, honey.

6. Celebrate The Wins!

We are all in different places in life. Each of us with our own goals, dreams, mountains to climb. No matter where you are on your journey, celebrate your wins, accomplishments, and efforts, both big and small. This gets to be fun! You’re allowed to celebrate all of it, all of life, everything you’re doing. Why the hell not?

7. Remember: We Are All Travelers Here

Everyone is going through something and navigating life here on earth. Just because they don’t share with you their journey doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It is! This can help us to put into perspective the weight of our lives. We are essential, and also, everyone else is, too. Everyone is here focused on their own life and figuring it out as they go. Does this help you to feel less alone? Does this help you to put less pressure on yourself?

8. There Is No Need To Compare Your Path To Others’

Your journey never can and never will compare to someone else’s, and vice versa, so why attempt to compare? Your life is yours, so live it. Be here now and enjoy it. Stop trying to wish your path was exactly like another person’s experiences. You don’t know their whole story anyway. Honor your life. Claim it. It’s worth it. 

9. There Is No Failure, Just Lessons Learned

While we can get down on ourselves when things don’t go as planned, we can bounce back when we remember that failure does not exist, just opportunities to learn. Every moment is an opportunity to learn, assess, adjust our sails, and move forward wiser than before. Good on you for trying, putting yourself out there, and gathering lessons to serve you as you travel this earth.

a path from the beach into the woods
When a path presents itself, do you take it?

10. Take It One Step At A Time

As mentioned before, life is composed of small moments. One step after another, our life unfolds. There is no need to rush it. It’ll happen, and you will arrive. Take life moment by moment. We can often feel overwhelmed by the how. How will we pull something together, or how will it pan out? What’s the rush? Take it one step at a time, and you will figure it out. You will get there.

11. Ask Yourself This Question “What If I Brought Trust Into This Moment?”

Can you close your eyes and sit with this question? Can you take a moment to feel the response to this question? What would happen if you brought trust into this moment? What if trust was available even when things didn’t seem clear? Can you see the possibilities all around you? Can you see the kindness in the people, too? What else do you see? How does this feel?

12. Express Gratitude

The world reflects ourselves back to us. When we put love into the world, we receive love back. When we express gratitude, we receive more to be grateful for, and our world expands. Start your journey by naming something you are grateful for. When things go astray, find something you are grateful for. When the trip is going well, find something you are grateful for. Become gratitude, and allow abundance to present itself to you. 

13. Remember: You Belong Here

You deserve to be here, to move freely, to follow your callings. You are a valuable part of this world. Remember that you are equal, you are needed, you are loved, and you belong here. Period.

14. Do What You Need To Do To Take Care Of Yourself Along The Way

You are a priority. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself and to feel well. If ever you need to ground, take a break, make a plan, eat a snack, ask for help, go for it. While you are traveling, you might want to leave or head in a new direction. It’s your call. If you need to take some time to fuel your body, mind, or soul, the choice is yours. 

This is an incomplete list, but it’s full of powerful tips and reminders. If you believe this list is missing any valuable tools for the world traveler, please share in the comments below. It would be great to hear from you. 

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